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Welcome to Antarctica with Ponant Yacht cruises and Expeditions

Ponant is a leading expedition operator having operated Polar expeditions for over 15 years and over 300 expeditions in that time! The super stylish modern fleet of Ponant's ICE (class C1 rated) rated vessels are just big enough to tackle the drake in comfort yet nimble to suit Antarctic and Arctic exploration at its best. This French origin line delivers a very international guest mix on board all with a very common focus. To explore to the ends of the earth.

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Ponant explores Antarctica:

To explore and experience the white continent with world class expedition leaders and ships:


Our mission is to transport you to mythical destinations and secret ports only accessible to small capacity ships.

To offer the delights of a French-inspired cuisine in an intimate environment - a discreet service where no attention to detail is spared - and unforgettable moments of relaxation on board elegant yachts of character.

To combine sophistication and conviviality, with priority given to authentic experiences, emotions and the ongoing quest for excellence.

Yacht cruises: more than a cruise, a privilege...

Attentive, professional, discreet and elegant, the fully bilingual service on board will meet your every desire. Our unique atmosphere is filled with a signature sentiment: a warm welcome from an experienced crew who are passionate about what they do, in the tradition of private yachting.

In the dining areas, our gourmet cuisine is worthy of top fine dining restaurants: exquisite wines are available, and menus are created with expertise by our skilled chefs with a French-inspired menu enhanced by specialties from our various ports of call.

Pleasure, enrichment, and discovery: relax - we take care of everything...

The Antarctic exerts the powerful attraction of the inaccessible which leads Man to become passionately engaged. One is never the same after returning from a long stay on the white continent.» Jean-Louis Etienne For centuries the Antarctic remained like a ghost on the map of the world, yet today the «White Continent» exerts a powerful fascination. Explored by man since only 1820, this vast icy continent offers spectacular mountain scenery, the world's biggest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife: fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, sea elephants, orcas and whales in large numbers live side by side in this grandiose landscape. Who has not dreamed of savouring that white stillness, an extraordinary spell-binding atmosphere of total serenity unequalled anywhere else on Earth. On the horizon, blocks of ice collapse into the sea forming vast icebergs of all shapes and sizes eroded by the wind and the waves

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