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Welcome to Antarctica with Seabourn cruises and expeditions

Seabourn has long been considered one of –if not THE- World’s leading small ship luxury cruise operator. Proving their commitment to delivering comprehensive itinerary choices and extensive shore side exploration, Seabourn have a range of longer itineraries that also encompass some of the greatest sights of South America.

Apart from the many virtues offered shore side, oversized spacious suites starting at 34 Sq M (veranda) as well as a great range of exquisite dining options are just 2 of the many highlights one can expect from the ship side of a Seabourn Antarctic experience. The 32,000 tonne / 450 guest & 330 crew Seabourn Quest is highly recommended particularly for those seeking greater assurance of a more smooth sailing across the Drake, as well as those that appreciate the finer points delivered by a discerning, contemporary cruise company.

Seabourn’s view:

Antarctica with Seabourn:

Join Seabourn for the ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia Experience

Majestic, unspoiled natural splendors await — snow-capped volcanoes reflected in crystalline lakes, massive glaciers and fjords, the rugged grandeur of Patagonia, Cape Horn and beyond, the sweeping landscapes and diverse wildlife of Antarctica.

A skilled expedition staff will plan and manage our cruise and coordinate special landings in Antarctica, choosing from numerous extraordinary options to give you the very best experience possible during your adventure, based on ice and weather conditions. Experts and special guest speakers will join us on board as well, offering insights and guidance to enhance your experience and help maximize your enjoyment and appreciation of this boundless land.

On board Seabourn Quest, every care will be taken to ensure your complete comfort and well-being, from a well-timed glass of champagne to a rejuvenating massage after a day ashore. Though we may be far from home, the signature touches that make Seabourn one of the world’s highest-rated small-ship cruise lines will never be out of reach.

Special modifications have prepared Seabourn Quest for the unique conditions in and around Antarctica. These important enhancements will enable us to venture closer than ever to the White Continent’s wondrous shores.

When you cruise with Seabourn, we promise a voyage that is nothing short of magical. Each cruise to Antarctica and Patagonia includes the following exclusive amenities and activities designed to enhance every moment:

  • Zodiac landings and expeditions to selected Antarctic locations
  • Digital photography workshops
  • Seabourn parka and backpack
  • Opportunities for frequent wildlife sightings from the ship and on shore
  • Guidance and insight from a skilled expedition staff

Inspiring Enrichment Program and special guest speakers on boards


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